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Hi my name is Cynthia Elser and I do go to Seminole casino in Immokalee Florida. I am not very smart in some of the Slot machines i dont understand some of them. I get Money on my card I go play a cheap slot Machine and cash out if I Win anything. But My Favorite is the 25Cent Wheel of Fortune. I was reading that the payback is 89.9% on slot machines But I have never won anything big to say. I can spend 400-500 dollars assuming my god it should hit onetime but not when I go. I see Jackpot can be 132K i wondering has anyone ever hit Jackpot? But I do have a complaint that when I am ready for a drink I can never ever get a employee to send over a server. Thats my biggest complaint I have to leave the machine to go get a drink. Which i dont feel is right. I have waited 45min for anyone to come no lie I clocked it. However there was a nice gentleman cleaning i asked if he can clean the machine actually watch my stuff so I can run grab a drink. Other than that I enjoy going and playing and I spent big money to no winnings. I think the 89.9 % payout is wrong especially on the wheel of Fortune. I also enjoy the bands and dancing. I do want to Thank everyone that has Helped me tho.Thats the only reason I can't give Slots a 5star and I had to give 3 for Customer Service due to the length of time to get a server 45 min for a cocktail. you can get better reviews and sales can increase if u have more servers working the floors. I shouldnt have to lose my seat to get a drink.Thank You
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