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(Updated: February 13, 2013)
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My wife and I have been going to Chukchansi for years, but this last year there has been noticeable and unfavorable changes you may want to consider. Chukchansi has always has been a great place for an evening or overnight stay with wonderful food and a beautiful motel. We personally go to play the slots, which is a nice variety. However, during this last year, it no longer is a bustling casino with a festive gaming atmosphere. No doubt the economy has taken its toll, but it’s more than that. The slots have become extremely tight and when they do hit their payouts are much smaller than what the same hit would be at other casinos. This "tightness" of play is not just a onetime has become a pattern we have seen the number of times we have been there in the last 6 months. We go not even expecting to win, but we do expect to be able to at least play a little while before losing our stake. Some say it's because of the new tribal faction that has now gained control of running the business. Anyway, sad to report we and our friends have decided we will no longer be going there. There are two other casinos within short driving distance (15 minutes, 1 hour) that will now get our dollars. We miss our old Chukchansi.
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September 04, 2013
Completely agree. Have been playing at Chukchansi since they opened and have watched the machines become incredibly tight over the past year or so. There was a time when I fully expected to go home with some small winnings, and if not, I definitely knew I'd be able to stay and play for many hours of fun. Nowadays, I'm tapped out within the first 30 mins. I really don't want to spend $60 for 30 minutes of slot play when I'm only betting 30 cents a spin. I think the infighting going on at Chukchansi must be taking a toll on the operations. I'd rather they spent less money on the big publicity events (summer truck giveaways and that kind of thing) and more money went toward paying out on the slots. If and when the North Fork Rancheria casino is built in Madera, Chukchansi is going to have to loosen those machines or I can't imagine many people opting to play there. I'll drive the extra distance to Madera if it means a more profitable or more fun experience. It's very disappointing to see the Chukchansi casino becoming a casino I no longer want to play at... I wish they'd turn things back around. Such a shame; it's a lovely casino.
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