By Frank Scoblete

Most casino players know that the house has an edge over them at every game. Indeed the casino has an edge at almost every bet at every game. Most players know that in the long run they will lose because that “house edge” can’t be beaten except by great luck at a slot machine or a few nights of magnificent wins and a quick retirement from casino play.

But that “house edge” is not really thought about much – not really pondered –and few, very few, players know how the edge is actually achieved by the casino. That remains some kind of mystery.

Don’t get me wrong. How the casino gets the “house edge” is no deep, dark secret, only to be revealed to the true cognoscenti of casino play such as brilliant mathematicians and magicians. It’s just that players don’t seem that interested in learning how the casino achieves it. Nor do they have any idea of how the “house edge” siphons their money for the house.

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