By Frank Scoblete

Methods of play at roulette vary from individual to individual. We all have our favorite ways to wager at the game and that’s just fine. After all, we are wagering our hard-earned money and we can do it any way we choose. It is a way to have fun for many of us.

What follows are some interesting betting methods that some of our readers may be using right now as you read this article. These are relatively aggressive roulette betting methods that will appeal to those of you who have that aggressive nature.

The Polar Opposites

On the American double-zero wheel (0, 00) you can consider those zeroes to represent the north and south poles of our planet. You are going to bet each side of this polar landscape. You can decide how many chips and how much money to wager as long as you keep your wagering reasonable in terms of your total bankroll.

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