By Frank Scoblete

There is some debate as to which casino game has the longest pedigree. If we take playing a specific game in a strictly casino-like environment, then roulette certainly has the goods to put forth its claim to casino fame based on its longevity.

It also has the pedigree for so many methods and systems of play being developed to beat it, all except a few of these methods being losers. That’s a sad but true fact that roulette players can’t escape. Come up with a playing design and it just won’t hold any water. It will be a bucket with holes in it.

[Please note: The real methods for beating roulette have more to do with the wheel than the game itself. If there is something off about the wheel, there is probably a way to beat it. If there isn’t something off about the wheel, there is probably no way to beat it. Today’s wheels are rarely, if ever, off.]

Still, scratch most roulette players and they have their methods of play, many of these trusted despite the fact that they can’t beat the game.

Roulette players also have strong opinions about all aspects of playing the game and about their fellow players. So let me introduce you to a few players who have a lot to say about the game and their experiences with it. Here we go:

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