More than two and a half months of uncertainty is finally yielding something positive. Casinos in the US are set to reopen, but as everyone expected, significant changes will be put in place to ensure safety of both staff and players. These changes might not be welcome by everyone but they are absolutely necessary.

Some U,S, casinos have already opened their doors to eager visitors, but COVID-19 has made changes to both casinos and players that are more than evident. Almost everyone who steps into a casino now wears a face mask, but players are all eager to try their luck at their favorite casino games after the long hiatus. The changes might not hamper the fun experience but it will certainly alter it.

For one, even right from the lobby of every casino, there are floor markers and signage that remind visitors of the importance of social distancing and why they should maintain it. And for contactless check-ins, there’s now a QR reader to cater to that.

As Las Vegas casinos initially reopen they have a maximum capacity of about 50%. If you do the math, it means about half of the tables and slot machines will be roped off. And the slot machines that are still open have been modified to follow safety and health protocols. For example, Bellagio-branded plexiglass panels have now been added to them; the simple reason for this is to separate guests from each other and from the casino staff.

Playing cards will be replaced more often than before too, and poker chips will be thoroughly disinfected each time they leave the table. Then there are the attendants, of course. They’ll be walking the floor, always ready to disinfect any surface that may need it.

Another new addition to the casinos is handwashing stations. They riddle the casino floor, interspersed admits the games of baccarat and roulette and the slot machines too. Players are encouraged to utilize them whenever necessary.

Temperature checks have been put in place at the casinos too because that is now all but a necessity in almost any place where large groups of people converge. Both staff and visitors will have their temperatures checked once they arrive at the casinos.

Naturally, there are people who won’t heed these protocols but inspectors from Las Vegas’ gaming control board will be there to make sure these rules are upheld for the safety of everyone.

The future of casinos in Las Vegas and the United States as a whole certainly looks bright, so here’s hoping we get more good news like this.

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