slot algorithms

By Nicholas Colon

Slot Machines have been the backbone of the casino industry since late 1980s, when public corporations started taking over the gaming industry by building mega resorts in Las Vegas and around the world. With slot machines being such a huge revenue driver for the industry, it’s worthwhile to explore the how slot machines work.

Random Number Generators (RNGs)

Slot Machine algorithms use a Random Number Generator as the primary engine to determine outcomes. This is because older machines were susceptible to slot cheats.

Simply stated, the RNG determines when the player wins and how much the player wins. However, the term Random Number Generator is not an accurate term in casino slots. The algorithm is not truly random.

It’s based on a math formula with an initial input value (independent variable) that determines the final output value (dependent variable). The input value is based on the time the player initially presses the play button.

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