By Frank Scoblete

Here’s a quick look at some gambling-related questions posed to me in 2021.

QUESTION: “I have been enjoying your articles but when it comes to betting at roulette, I have some disagreements with your analysis. You say to bet the ‘even-money’ bets of red or black, odd or even, high or low. Why not go for the two-to-one payoffs on the ‘columns’ or ‘dozens’ bets? While your chances of winning are reduced, you still get a better payoff of two-to-one.”

FRANK RESPONDS: “You are right, of course, the payoffs are better on the two-to-one wagers. In addition, you can still go back-and-forth with the wins and losses during most sessions. The back-and-forth between the player and the casino is what I enjoy.

“Remember that the ‘even-money’ bets have an expectation of 18 wins against 20 losses on the American double-zero (0, 00) wheel and 18 wins and 19 losses on the European single-zero (0) wheel. Your two-to-one bets have 12 winning numbers with many more losing numbers. You can get into a hole faster betting this way.

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