By Henry Tamburin Ph.D

I was thrilled and honored when I received my invitation to the 2022 Blackjack Ball. As a long-time attendee, I looked forward to meeting and socializing once again with the many friends I’ve made over the past 30 years who share the same interest that I have, namely, beating the casino at blackjack.

Moreover, this year’s ball achieved a special milestone. It was the 25th year that some of the most dangerous players from all over the U.S. and abroad, as well as others who have contributed to the craft, gathered together in one place to:

  • socialize, renew old friendships, and make new ones
  • cast votes to determine who will be inducted into the prestigious Blackjack Hall of Fame
  • compete in a skills competition to determine who among the “best of the best” will win the title (and bragging rights) for this year’s “World’s Greatest Blackjack Player.”

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