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I have been a member for several years and in the beginning there were dollar amounts played that when reached you got a higher level card. I started at the opening level and worked my way up and was within $1,100.00 of getting the second highest level of a players card, (you get more perks as you get a higher level) I had to go out of the area for a while, 4 months and come back and the casino put me back at the first level. I had spent over $20,000 during that year but Abecause I didn't play for 3 months I lost my status. That's just wrong it should be totaled by money spent over at least a year and if there's no activity on a members card for a year then I say they can change the level. When I have spent so much and the perks are not near what they should be for the levels they should allow the players to keep their level for at least a year and when they come back and play those dollars should accumulating on the level the were at if they play within a year from the time no activity started. That is simply not fair to those of us who spend our hard earned money and look forward to getting at least some perks out of the money we spent, if not winning a good percentage of our money back. Which I have lost well more than I have won, but to lose also my players card status because of a short period I was not here to play is just wrong! To have to start over to accumulate enough spent to reach a level is wrong when they should be looking at the total of money I have spent with them. If I only go 3-4 times a year but spend 2-$3,000 each time I should still have credit for that accumulated then I might come more often to use or take advantage of the perks offered. As it is who cares (to me) if I have a players card and use it or not. It makes me feel like I'm being cheated because according to them I didn't spend my money fast enough or often enough, even though the overall total is a large some to most people.
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