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Arizona 2612
Good VP!
(Updated: November 12, 2011)
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Some excellent VP here. There is a bank of 6 multi-plays that offer 9/6 Jacks in 3-play and 5-play at nickel, 10c, 20c and 25c denomination. Slots appear to be set at rather low payback. Generally nice casino but lots of smokers using very low end, really acrid cigarettes. Ventilation weak, so only playable by those with allergies at off times when air is palatable. Apparently no buffet, just a diner and a Chinese place. New hotel opening soon.
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May 10, 2015
I have not been there but my comment is to address Judy's above. I think she needs to get out more if a 22K sq. ft. casino is HUGE in her mind. I will not enter one with less than 40-50 K Sq. Ft. simply for the need for choice in both penny slots and nickel VP. I also will only use those that cater to locals as well as the hotel guests. Locals will frequent one if treated right and return often. Tourist area casinos have a tendency to be tight and offer poor PB on video poker and cater to those passing through and likely won't return. A couple come to mind in Metro Phoenix that I will not use.
John A
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